Baka Boyz

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Baka Boyz
Weekdays, 5:00pm-9:00pm


For over 20 years, the Baka Boyz has been a rock-solid winning brand both as a weekend syndicated product and as a daily show in markets as diverse as Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Kansas City, San Diego, Orlando, and Portland, Oregon.

Compass Media Networks is combining forces with Oceanic Tradewinds to help expand the show’s syndication footprint which has them in 50 plus markets for their weekend mix shows which service both top 40 and Hip Hop/Urban radio.

The Baka Boyz agent/co-syndicator Gary Bernstein offers, “the Baka Boyz are consummate pros and their ability to produce great daily and weekend content is going to be needed now more than ever in today’s fiscally challenging radio climate. We are absolutely ecstatic for this next growth chapter with Compass Media Networks.”

Eric and Nick Vidal Aka the Baka Boyz says, “After doing this now for about 2 decades, we feel our best radio days are still in front of us and we feel compelled to raise the bar on content in not only top 40 and Hip Hop, but also in the throwback and or Classic Hip Hop arena. Our passion for creating better programming than is currently available on the radio absolutely drives us.”