Amazon Opens 1st Cashless, Cashier-Less Residential Grocery Store in Seattle

February 26, 2020

Photo by AP Photo Ted S. Warren

On Tuesday, online retailer Amazon opened the doors of its first full-sized, cashier-less grocery store. The first Amazon Go Grocery store offers food and other items typical of supermarkets. It also carries some Whole Foods brand items; Amazon bought the supermarket chain in 2017. Cameras and sensors provide information about what's taken off the shelf, and customers are charged via their Amazon account. That eliminates the needs for lines. “I love the convenience of literally grabbing and going," said one customer. Entrepreneur reports that the Seattle grocery store is four times larger than the first Amazon Go store. Other retailers are eyeing Amazon's success and may seek to replicate it; earlier this month, 7-Eleven announced it was testing an employee-only cashier-less store in its Irving, Texas, offices.