If 2020 Was an Alcoholic Drink, What Drink Would It Be?

July 22, 2020

Photo by AP Photo Larry Crowe

With 2020 being one of the worst years in modern history, Twitter is having a little fun with the hashtag "#If2020WereAnAlcoholicDrink." Here are just 10 of the funniest suggestions (check the link for more):

  • "Corona."
  • "It wouldn’t even be alcohol. It would be straight toilet water."
  • "Prison toilet wine."
  • "Shot of vodka the bartender spit in."
  • "MAGA-rita, shaken not stirred."
  • "It would be lots of bitters and the alcohol would never take effect."
  • "It would absolutely be Zima."
  • "A Kamikaze of course. After all, we're going down in flames."
  • "A 'screw-you' driver."
  • "I'd already be dead from drinking so much of it."